Friday, October 15, 2010

Festival's entertainment lining up

Entertainment at the Festival of Glass is starting to take shape. The Festival committee is lining-up local entertainers to complement the local glass people who will present its exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops.

The first act to be signed-up is Steer - a new local accoustic band consisting of Sharn Redman, Jamie Pye and Stacey Thomsett (see photo). Steer is planning to release its first CD - also called Steer - in 2011. The CD will aim to steer youth - and adults - in positive directions. 'It will be full of songs about people and life that encourage everyone to follow their dreams', said Sharn Redman. 'We don't think that negativity or peer pressure should stop anyone having a go!'

Steer was a highlight of the Annual General Meeting of the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association and their next appearance locally will be on 24th October at the Family Fun Day at Drysdale's 'Potato Shed'. Catch them if you can!

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