Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Council invests in the Festival of Glass

The City of Greater Geelong has shown its confidence in the Festival of Glass by investing $6,000 in it. The money will help to pay for the costs of infrastructure, marketing and promotion associated with this unique event.

The $6,000 is the result of an independent assessment of the Festival of Glass by the council's local experts in conference organisation. Their support reaffirms the vision behind the Festival and recognises the Committee's hard work to bring that vision to life. It also gives a tremendous boost to the artists, craftspeople and business who have expressed their confidence in the Festival by agreeing to participate in it.

This 'tick of approval' by experts in conference organisation will increase the Festival's attraction to other potential participants. It shows that although the 2011 Festival of Glass will be the first of its kind in the region, it is being run in a professional manner by a Committee in whom participants can be confident. The experts' 'tick of approval' also shows potential sponsors that this innovative event is already gaining a positive reputation from which they can benefit.

The Festival Committee had asked the council for its support via its Community Festival grant scheme, which is run by the council's Arts & Culture department. In September this year, the Committee submitted to the council a detailed description of the Festival's aims, of its planned outcomes for participants and of its planned benefits for local people and visitors, together with a detailed budget and marketing proposal. In early November, the Committee heard that its application had been successful. Imagine the celebration!

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