Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Artists, craftspeople can rent CBD shops cheaply for Xmas

DCSCA encourages all local arts and crafts businesses - especially those participating in the Festival of Glass - to consider opening a shop through the Made in Geelong scheme.

Made in Geelong enables creative people to test their wares in the peak Christmas/New Year shopping period without having to commit themselves to a costly, long-term lease. Artists, craftspeople and community groups can lease empty shops in Geelong’s CBD at low rent on a 30-day rolling licence, which either the owner or the tenant can end with 14 days notice. The scheme is open to individuals, groups and organizations; a few people could decide to lease a shop together and share the costs and the profits. Anyone wishing to participate in Made in Geelong must have an Australian Business Number (ABN) - available (free) from the Australian Tax Office web site.

The owner of the shop takes no commission on sales, but the tenant pays the utility bills (electricity, gas, water, etc.). The tenant decides who will staff the shop. Tenants can decorate the shop with the written permission of the owner and must return the shop to its original condition before the end of the lease. The Made in Geelong Selection Committee will match potential tenants with the most suitable space available.

Made in Geelong is an innovative initiative by the City of Greater Geelong's Dept. of Arts and Culture. It's modeled on a scheme developed to help regenerate Newcastle CBD and has already seen some artists turn their short-term leases into long-term ones.

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