Friday, February 4, 2011

Festival of Glass reaches another 15,000 readers!

The SpringDale Messenger, published this week, features a full-page centrefold spread about the Festival of Glass.

The Messenger is a free community magazine that is published by the Springdale Neighbourhood Centre and distributed across the Bellarine Peninsula - Drysdale, Clifton Springs, Portarlington, Indented Head, St Leonards and Ocean Grove. Each edition has a print run of 6,500, but each edition is read by at least two people, because it's to households and is also present in cafes, shops and newsagents and local doctors' surgeries! So we're confident that around 15,000 readers will see the Festival centrefold.

The Festival is on the front cover of the Messenger, which is pictured here; the Festival centrefold is on pages 12 and 13. The Springdale Neighbourhood Centre is a sponsor of the Festival of Glass, for which we're very grateful.
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Wrapped around (pages 11 and 14) the centrefold is a special feature on the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association Inc., which initiated the Festival of Glass.

For more about the Festival of Glass:

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