Monday, June 13, 2011

Festival award from Wathaurong Glass

On 10 June, Mark Edwards, General Manager of Geelong-based Wathaurong Glass and Arts, presented personalised commemorative glass plaques to members of the organising committee of the 2011 Festival of Glass.

Each personalised commemorative plaque bore the message: 'Wathaurong Glass and Arts. Presented to (name) in appreciation of your commitment to delivering a successful Festival of Glass - 2011'.

At the presentation, Mark Edwards said, 'We thought that the Festival was a great idea and so we supported it from the start. It was a very successful day for us and we're happy to offer these plaques in appreciation of the Festival committee's hard work.' In reply, Festival of Glass chairperson Doug Carson said, 'We're very grateful for these very generous gifts. Wathaurong Glass and Arts was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the 2011 Festival and their striking display of decorative, domestic and corporate glassware, each featuring distinctive Wathaurong images, was one of the highlights of the Festival. We look forward to welcoming them again in 2012.'

The 2011 Festival of Glass was held on February 20 at the Potato Shed in Drysdale. It attracted over thirty glass-related artists, craftspeople and businesses and over six thousand visitors. The 2012 Festival of Glass is on February 19 2012 (venue/s to be announced). For more information: (See also

Photo: Mark Edwards (3rd from left) with some members of the 2011 Committee

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