Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wathaurong Art & Glass

On the day of the 2012 Festival of Glass, the Festival committee will say 'Welcome back!' to the Wathaurong Glass and Art company*.

Wathaurong Glass and Art was an early and keen supporter of the inaugural Festival of Glass in 2011 and had a very successful day! The company was formed to express aboriginal art in glass and the staff create their unique products using a wide variety of techniques, including kiln forming and sandblasting.

The company is owned by Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative and all the staff are aboriginal. All profits go to the Wathaurong community and to the broader community.

Wathaurong Glass and Art has a rolling catalogue of products, with new designs displacing older ones. Current products expressing aboriginal art include platters, bowls, awards and trophies; slumped glass windows and doors; and kitchen & bathroom splashbacks. Standard designs with cultural connotations can be modified to meet particular requirements; and the company is happy to make products to order. The company also creates commercial glass products with no cultural connotations such as lenses, corporate logos & kiln formed textured glass.

Wathaurong Glass and Art is at 16 Rodney Road, North Geelong 3215 (03-5272-2881). It delivers to Melbourne and most of Victoria and can arrange delivery for the rest of Australia. You can see their stock and shop online at their web site: (from where the images in this posting were taken). Some of the products are featured in small videos on YouTube - accessible via the web site.

* 'Wathaurong' (aka 'wathawurrung' or 'wada warrung') is the name of a recognised aboriginal tribe consisting of 25 groups (clans). The boundaries of Wathaurong are from Geelong (Victoria), North to Werribee River, North West to Bacchus Marsh, South West to Cressy, South East to Colac, East to Lorne & North back to Geelong encompassing the Bellarine Peninsula.

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