Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Planning the 2013 Festival of Glass!

The 2013 Festival of Glass organising committee is on fire as it plans an even better Festival next year!

Each year, we learn more about running a successful Festival. We have spoken to many people - locally and further afield - who attended the 2012 Festival of Glass and most of them commented on the range of talents that were present and we certainly intend to make that diversity a continuing feature of the Festival of Glass. We are looking at holding the 2013 Festival of Glass at a brand new venue in the centre of Drysdale. While not as big as the 2012 Festival's venue, it has many advantages. Expect to hear more about this in future updates.

Using the evaluations The evaluations that we received this year from exhibitors and from visitors have been a great help in planning the 2013 Festival of Glass. Here are just some of the ideas and suggestions that we'll use in our planning:
  • The heat! If you were at the 2012 Festival, you'll remember that it happened on a particularly hot day that made life uncomfortable for many. We can't control the weather, but we are making plans to deal with similar conditions.
  • Seating. With more than sixty stalls to walk around, people need to take the weight off their feet occasionally and we will increase the amount of seating - both indoor and outdoor.
  • Parking. We will ensure that parking space is set aside specifically for visitors with disabilities.
  • The Competition. We will revamp the competition significantly, including clearer guidelines and criteria and earlier cut-off dates. There will be lots more on this in future updates.
  • Donated items. People's generosity in donating items for the raffle was quite overwhelming and we could have handled things more efficiently. This aspect of the Festival is also undergoing a revamp to ensure that donors benefit from the publicity around the Festival.
  • Trestle tables. Hiring upwards of fifty trestle tables cost us a lot of money and transporting them to and from the venue took a LOT of time and energy! We know that many exhibitors have their own portable tables and chairs, which they use at their various public events, so we will encourage exhibitors at the 2013 Festival of Glass to bring their own - if possible, with pads on the feet to protect the venue's floor. (We will encourage exhibitors to bring a rubber wheeled trolley to move their equipment - again, to protect the venue's floor - and to ensure that their electrical equipment is safe.)
A mid-year preview On 8 August 2012 in Drysdale, the Festival organising committee will preview the 2013 Festival of Glass to potential sponsors and exhibitors and the local media. The preview will be part of a Drysdale Clifton Springs Community Association public meeting and it will feature a raffle with items donated to the 2012 Festival as prizes. More details will be released closer to the date. If you would like to be part of this event, please contact us (Mail: P.O. Box 581, Drysdale, Vic. 3222. E-mail:

For up-to-date information about the 2013 Festival of Glass, please visit our web site ( and our blog (

Doug Carson
President, Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association Inc.
Chair, Festival of Glass sub-committee

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