Friday, January 17, 2014

Extraordinary musical instruments!

The 2014 Festival of Glass will offer a glimpse of the extraordinary work of Canadian instrument-maker Nicola Mainville.
'Dragon song' xylophone

Nicola deploys his skills and imagination to create exquisite, hand-crafted musical instruments made of wood and glass. They include glass xylophones inspired by (and tuned to) the Javanese/Balinese gamelan, glass drums inspired by drums of Mali and Senegal and glass didgeridoos inspired by the wooden didgeridoos of Northern Australia's Aborigines. 

A short video showing a selection of Nicola's glass musical instruments will be part of 'Glass on Film', a selection of short films about glass that is a new feature of the Festival. 'Glass on Film' exploits the features of the 200-seat auditorium at the Festival's new, cool venue - Christan College, in central Drysdale.

Nicola's web site has photos of his instruments, several of which have sound clips:

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