Sunday, February 2, 2014

Should we raffle the raffle box?!

Local glass artist Lynda Rogers has created an amazing box to hold 2014 Festival of Glass raffle tickets (see right).  Indeed,  it's so good, we might raffle it!

Not only has Lynda taken great care over the box's design and creation, her decoration even matches the  Festival's signature colours - red, black and yellow!

Lynda makes glass clocks, jewellery and other domestic items, often often using a technique called 'slumping'. She is a member of the 2014 Festival of Glass organising committee and will be exhibiting at the Festival's Glass Expo on Sunday 16 February.

Lynda's raffle box lifts the bar on raffle boxes! No more dog-eared shoe boxes with the lids taped down! If you're preparing to hold a raffle, just think what a customised raffle box could do for your publicity - and contact Lynda!

Broadening our funding base
The raffle is one way in which the Festival is broadening its funding base. Relying on just one or two sources of funds makes the Festival vulnerable if they dry up, so we're trying to diversify as much as possible. Festival committee members sell raffle tickets at Woolworths in Drysdale in the weeks before the Expo; and this is also a good way to publicise the Festival and explain what visitors can see and do there. We're determined to keep free admission to the Glass Expo - the centrepiece of each year's Festival - but if visitors want to be in the raffle once  they're there, so much the better!

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