Thursday, March 27, 2014

Festival exposure boosts Award-winner's profile

Since Darryl Trezise won a Drysdale Glass Art Award at the 2014 Festival of Glass in Drysdale, Victoria, he has received invitations to exhibit at three galleries, plus exposure in the local press and online.

The 2014 Glass Art Award winners were announced during the Festival’s Glass Expo on Sunday February 16. Darryl’s piece ‘Two Brown Trout’ won the Award for ‘Non-wearable Glass Art’, to great acclaim.*
Darryl Trezise: 'Two Brown Trout'

Later that day, Darryl was invited to display his work at The Tea Tree Gallery in Portland, Victoria. "Belinda (the lady who owns the gallery) said to me, ‘Don’t pack your glass when you get home, just take it straight to The Tea Tree Gallery.'" said Darryl. Then, while he was setting-up his exhibition at The Tea Tree Gallery, Darryl received an invitation to exhibit at Portland’s Julia Street Gallery later this year; and just last week, Darryl received an invitation to exhibit at a third gallery – Local Images Gallery in Penola.

Unexpected press and online exposure
Two of Darryl’s local papers – the Portland Observer and the Casterton News – each ran an article and photo about his Award. The Portland Observer article was on the front page! His Facebook page ( has received a great many hits and very positive feedback – often from people he’s never heard of! Finally, the Portland tourism organization wants to promote Darryl’s gallery – Darryl’s Glass – through its website (

Darryl is convinced that the Festival of Glass helped to generate this sudden rush of exposure. “I believe all this good fortune is due to the exposure the Festival has given me, with great feedback from other glass people and the public”, he said. “It was a huge honour to win the Glass Art Award, because the Festival is a major venue for glass artists across the country. I learnt so much from the day and have even started making new pieces for next year's Festival of Glass!”

Darryl’s Glass is at 5924 Portland Casterton Road, Sandford, Victoria 3312. (0409 217386)
 The Darryl’s Glass web site is packed with a very diverse range of Darryl’s work, plus patterns, book and much more:

* The other winners of a Glass Art Award were Glenda MacNaughton, for her necklace ‘Ndebele Solo’ ('Wearable Glass Art'); Janet Jenkin, for her photo 'Isola di San Giacomo in Palude (detail)' ('Glass-related Photography'); and Isabelle Hall, for her ‘Beaded Necklace’ ('Junior').

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