Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bellarine's glass-related history

The Festival of Glass has launched a new web site: Glass Reflections: the Bellarine and Beyond
Glass Reflections will gradually document the glass-related history of the Bellarine Peninsula.

As we've accumulated the information that is in the history so far, many people have said that they had no idea that glass had played such a part in the history of the Bellarine.

The items on the web site are searchable by date, so you can either scan the whole history or go to a specific period.

A role for you?
Please help us to build the area's glass-related history by telling us any facts that you know. If you can give a printed or online source for the facts, so much the better! Think of it as a 'wikihistory of the area!
Contact us at dryclift.bigpond.com

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