Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Launch of Drysdale's glass art mural set for 2015

Drysdale's Glass Art Mural - "Welcome to Drysdale" - is gradually taking shape and will be launched officially in 2015.

The mural is a steel-framed sign that says "Welcome to Drysdale" in glass mosaic tiles, surrounded by ceramic tiles depicting moments in the area's history. 

(Background to the mural project: "A mural project for Drysdale" 18 March 2014 on this blog.)

The ceramic tiles are complete. They were created by students at Bellarine Secondary College, led by their teacher Tess Grace and guided by Uncle David Tournier, of Wauthorong Aboriginal Co-op and by Festival of Glass committee members Kaye Clancy and Mercedes Drummond.

The steel and wood frame for the mural is currently being manufactured by local craftspeople.

Building the local community
The Mural Project is a partnership between the Festival of Glass, which is providing overall leadership, and Bellarine Secondary College, whose students are creating parts of the mural; it is supported by the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-op and the Bellarine Historical Society; and it is partly financed by local organisations.

The Festival of Glass is an initiative of the Drysdale & Clifton Springs Community Association (DCSCA).

Lisa Neville MP, Minster for the Environment, to open 2015 Festival

Lisa Neville MP, state member for The Bellarine, has kindly agreed to open the 2015 Festival of Glass.

In the recent Victorian state election, Lisa achieved a swing to Labor of 8.4% - the highest in the state. She is now Victoria's Minister for Environment, Climate Change and Water.

Lisa has been a good friend and supporter of the Festival since it started in 2011, so we're very pleased that she will open the 2015 Festival of Glass.

Bellarine's glass-related history

The Festival of Glass has launched a new web site: Glass Reflections: the Bellarine and Beyond
Glass Reflections will gradually document the glass-related history of the Bellarine Peninsula.

As we've accumulated the information that is in the history so far, many people have said that they had no idea that glass had played such a part in the history of the Bellarine.

The items on the web site are searchable by date, so you can either scan the whole history or go to a specific period.

A role for you?
Please help us to build the area's glass-related history by telling us any facts that you know. If you can give a printed or online source for the facts, so much the better! Think of it as a 'wikihistory of the area!
Contact us at dryclift.bigpond.com

Space at the 2015 Fxpo running out!

The 2014 Festival of Glass Expo

Two months before 2015’s Festival of Glass, there are just five sites left at the Expo!

The Festival Expo is at the heart of each year’s Festival and next year’s happens on Sunday February 15. The Expo is proving so popular with glass-workers that exhibition space is booked earlier each year.
The Festival committee is pleased with this enthusiasm, of course, but we don’t want to turn away exhibitors. So if you or anyone you know is thinking of booking space at the 2015 Expo, don't delay - book today!
An information sheet for potential exhibitors, plus an application form, are on the Festival web site: www.festivalofglass.net.au