Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Glass art lights up local businesses

Businesses in the Drysdale region have started to display pieces of glass art that they have commissioned from local glass artists.

The commissioned pieces are among dozens of prizes in the glass art Treasure Hunt that is a feature of the sixth Festival of Glass in Drysdale in February 2016. Participating businesses will also display glass ‘Tiny Treasures’ - clues in the Treasure Hunt for treasure hunters to spot.

The first business to join the Treasure Hunt was Drysdale Fish and Chickens (30 High Street), and Mersina and her daughter were very pleased to receive a Flying Fish from local glass artist David Hobday.
Mersina and her glass fish

The Elegant Profile Beauty Salon’s (7/3 Wyndham Street) commissioned piece is a striking blue necklace made by Fiona Horne from recycled gin and mineral water bottles.

Pam's Marina Villani platter
Elegant Profile's necklace
At the newsagents in Drysdale High Street, Pam is pleased to display a fine glass platter by Marina Villani, featuring wattle flowers and foliage.

The Treasure Hunt starts formally on February 1st, when treasure hunters can start to spot the ‘Tiny Treasures’ and receive stamps on their entry form. The Treasure Hunt culminates in a draw for dozens of pieces of glass art at the Festival Expo on 21 February at Christian College, Drysdale.

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