Wednesday, November 23, 2016

88 days to go!

It’s just three months (88 days if you’re digitally minded!) before the 2017 Festival of Glass and there’s a lot happening already.

1. Expo organisers eye a second floor!
The 2017 Festival of Glass Expo is proving to be so popular that the Festival Committee is considering expanding into the venue’s second floor.

Each year’s Festival of Glass Expo features dozens of exhibitors displaying glass art and craft products, together with demonstrations of glass working techniques, the annual Glass Art Awards, short films about glass, prizes and much more.

After the Expo, there are classes in various glass working techniques. So at the Expo, you can look at beautiful glass art and see how its made .... then afterwards you can learn how to make your own.

The Expo is held at Drysdale’s Christian College on the third Sunday in February – in 2017, that’s Sunday 19 February – between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

2. Featured Festival sponsor - Bendigo Bank (i). Investing in communities
The Bendigo Bank prides itself on being community-orientated and its investment in the Festival of Glass is a good example!

The Bendigo Bank offers retail banking products and services to more than 1.4 million retail customers through its 400 plus branches and agencies. It works with communities to contribute to their prosperity, because it believes that successful communities make successful businesses.

The Bank has supported the Festival from its beginning in 2011, and it is now one of our major sponsors. The Festival Committee is grateful for the Bank’s support and is always happy to acknowledge the Bank’s contribution to the Festival’s success. Its investment has given the Festival the stability to keep expanding its scope and broaden its audiences – without the Bank’s involvement, we’d have a very different Festival of Glass.

3. Featured Festival sponsor - City of Greater Geelong (i). Creating a vision

Officers from the City of Greater Geelong Council’s Arts & Culture department have helped the Festival of Glass Committee to raise the local community’s awareness of the area’s rich historical links with glass.

The Festival Committee has launched several initiatives linked with the Festival, including the Welcome to Drysdale mural in the town centre, Glass Reflections – an online archive of local glass history and The Glass Trail of glass artists’ open studios.

The Council is a major sponsor of the Festival of Glass. It provides leadership, governance and services to the Greater Geelong community and its Geelong City Plan presents a vision for the city and describes how it will become a reality. Like the neighbouring Portarlington Mussel Festival and Queenscliffe Music Festival, Drysdale’s Festival of Glass shows how a festival can galvanise a community into action; and the council’s continuing support for the Festival of Glass has ensured that the Bellarine’s past and present links with glass have a strong future.

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