Monday, December 5, 2016

2017 Festival's Visiting Artist takes a new direction

Davide Penso - the 2017 Festival of Glass Visiting Artist – has taken a new direction in his glass art, which he’s calling “Glass From The Wood”.

Davide is a jewelry designer who lives and works in Murano, Italy. He is renowned internationally for his hand-blown glass jewelry, but his new direction takes him into the realms of glass sculpture. The first piece of “Glass From the Wood” is already being exhibited at the Murano Glass Museum; his second piece is pictured here.

At the 2017 Festival of Glass, Davide will run classes in glass working for beginning and experienced glass artists; and he’ll be the focus of “Twilight Flames” at Leura Park Estate in Drysdale, where he’ll demonstrate a range of glass blowing techniques. To learn more about Davide’s sessions, please go to the Festival web site:

Featured Festival sponsor – City of Greater Geelong (ii) Growing local arts skills
The City of Greater Geelong council is a major sponsor of the Festival of Glass through its Arts and Culture department and the Festival committee is grateful for the council’s continuing support. In particular, we’re grateful to the council for assisting local glass artists to enrol in professional development classes that will be part of the 2017 Festival’s Visiting Artist programme.

The Visiting Artist programme aims to increase the glass arts skills of the local community by showcasing the work of renowned glass artists from outside the area. In 2017, our Visiting Artist will be Davide Penso, an internationally renowned glass artist and teacher from Murano, Italy. During his stay with us, Davide will demonstrate glass working techniques to the general public and run classes for beginning and experienced local glass artists. The council’s assistance to local glass artists has ensured the success of the 2017 Visiting Artist programme.

Featured Festival sponsor – Glass Fusing (i) Keeping it local
Fusing Glass Pty Ltd., 5 Hammond Close, Oxley, ACT, 2903
Tel. 0421 444 291; E-mail via web site.

The Festival of Glass committee is very grateful for the support it receives from the Glass Fusing company. Glass artists Ashley Williamson and Bec Schaefer established Glass Fusing because, as they put it, “We decided to sell glass supplies and raw materials because we got tired of having to buy so many of our supplies from overseas, incurring significant freight costs, simply because the products were not available locally at reasonable prices”.

Glass Fusing sells a range of supplies for glass artists doing fusing (of course!), slumping and casting; as well as tools, kilns, findings, books and magazines. The company holds a range of System 96 glass, made by the Spectrum Glass Company and Uroboros Glass. Ashley and Bec have found that, in general, System 96 glass cuts well, fuses well, and tolerates multiple firings without devitrifying. Glass products in the System 96 collection are extremely stable and consistent, designed and produced to be compatibly both technically and artistically. “We find that System 96 glass gives us a great palette of colours”, they said, “as well as an ever-increasing range, whilst being quite affordable.”

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