Tuesday, January 3, 2017

More Bellarine businesses back Treasure Hunt

More businesses on the Bellarine Peninsula are backing the 2017 Festival of Glass Treasure Hunt, which runs between 2 January and 18 February.

Curlewis's Chemist For Less is ready!
Twenty eight businesses in Curlewis, Drysdale and Portarlington are backing the 2017 Treasure Hunt - eight more than last year.

Treasure hunters can spot each participating business by a poster in its window or by an interactive map; if they find a glass 'Tiny Treasure' on the premises, the business will stamp their Treasure Hunt entry form.

Portarlington's Wish Pond is set!
Each entry form with ten stamps on it goes into the Treasure Hunt draw at the Festival of Glass Expo on Sunday 19 February.

The draw has over a hundred pieces of locally made glass art as prizes, so treasure hunters, businesses and artists can all be winners!

Business benefits
Being in the Treasure Hunt is good for a business, because while treasure hunters search the premises for its 'Tiny Treasure', they see everything else that the business has to offer.

Participating businesses recognise that the Treasure Hunt attracts inquisitive treasure hunters who  may not otherwise come onto their premises; and they are responding by displaying Treasure Hunt promotional material prominently.

Portarlington's Montana's is keen!
Each participating business is featured on the Festival web site and the Festival blog, exposing them to potential customers who may not otherwise.

Several participating businesses have been featured in previous posts on this blog, all feature on the web site and, of course, all the businesses appear on the Treasure Hunt entry form.

Featured Festival sponsor – Blue Pen (i)
0429 911 980              blupen@ncable.net.au
Blue Pen is the business name of graphic designer Lyn Ingles, who has been a significant supporter of the Festival of Glass since it started in 2011. Lyn has been the major creator of the Festival’s ‘face’ – a consistent, coherent series of images that integrate the Festival’s increasingly diverse activities.

Lyn created a logo for the first Festival of Glass in 2011 and that logo has been associated with every subsequent Festival. The logo’s distinctive typeface and colours have underpinned other logos that Lyn has created subsequently to identify and integrate elements of the Festival. These include the Expo, the Glass Art Awards and the Workshops, as well as Festival projects such as The Glass Trail, the Glass Reflections web site of local glass history and The Glass Mural in Drysdale’s town square.

Most recently, Lyn’s original logo has inspired the striking graphics that she has created for the Festival’s Treasure Hunt, which started in 2016.

Lyn’s creativity and imagination are evident in her work for the Festival of Glass and those qualities are available to any private or public organisation wishing to create a brand or a public ‘face’ - or to improve its existing one.

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