Saturday, February 25, 2017

Murano glass master attracts artists from across Australia

Glass artists from across Australia have come to the Bellarine Peninsula for two weeks to learn glass blowing and sculpting with master glass artist Davide Penso.

Glass master Davide Penso (R) demonstrates a technique
Davide is from Murano, Venice and he is Artist in Residence at the 2017 Festival of Glass. He is running three three-day classes: one for newcomers to glass art and two for experienced glass artists. The classes have attracted glass artists from all six states - Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, as well as Victoria.

“Glass art classes have always been an integral part of the Festival of Glass”, said Festival convenor Doug Carson. “At the Festival Expo, people see a wide variety of glass art together with demonstrations of how to make it. Then, after the Expo, they can attend a class to make their own glass art. We were delighted that Davide accepted our invitation to the 2017 Festival of Glass, because Murano has been famous for centuries for its glass art.” 

Peter Minson at the 2016 Festival
“The Festival aims to increase local glass artists’ skills and to encourage newcomers to try glass art”, said Festival committee member Patrick Hughes. “We do that by bringing in renowned glass artists whom local artists may not otherwise see. Last year we brought in Mark Eliott from Sydney and Peter Minson from Canberra; this year we’ve brought Davide over from Murano. We also run classes by local glass artists, whose skills complement our visitors’.”
Mark Eliott at the 2016 Festival

Davide Penso’s classes run until 1 March and he returns to Murano on 2 March.

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