Monday, October 30, 2017

Expanded Treasure Hunt just weeks away

What CAN this person be talking about? “I have my pirate’s three-corner hat, my coat with the parrot on the shoulder and my eye patch. What else do I need? Ah yes! My trusty spade!”

They’re preparing for the third annual Treasure Hunt, which will run between Monday 8th January and Saturday 17 February 2018 as part of the Festival of Glass.

The 2018 Treasure Hunt will be launched officially on Monday 8 January at Drysdale’s Bungalow restaurant. The launch will feature a High Tea and the opening of an exhibition of glass art, which will run at the Bungalow throughout the Treasure Hunt.

Diane Schofield’s Treasure Hunt team has signed up thirty two businesses from Curlewis, Drysdale, Clifton Springs and Portarlington as participants in the 2018 Treasure Hunt.

“This is the third Treasure Hunt and the number of participating businesses has increased each year”, said Diane Schofield. “Businesses have found it worthwhile – and enjoyable – to be involved in the Treasure Hunt and they’ve encouraged others to join in.”

Businesses in the Treasure Hunt will commission pieces of glass art from local artists and display them throughout the Treasure Hunt; and the thirty two pieces will be prizes in the Treasure Hunt draw at the Festival of Glass Expo on Sunday 18 February at Drysdale’s Christian College.

Each business will also display a glass “Tiny Treasure” by a local artist and when a treasure hunter finds a “Tiny Treasure”, the business will stamp their Treasure Hunt entry form. Every entry form stamped by ten businesses goes into the Treasure Hunt draw. 

Business meets glass art at Treasure Hunt Preview
At an exclusive Preview on Wednesday 13 December 2017, business people on the Bellarine will meet local glass artists from whom they have commissioned pieces of glass art as prizes in the Treasure Hunt. The business people can learn how their glass art was created, while the artists can learn how their creativity is supporting the local economy.

2017's Treasure Hunt Preview
 “Everyone’s a winner in our Treasure Hunt”, said Diane Schofield. “Businesses can increase their custom, glass artists can increase their public profile and, of course, Treasure Hunters can win beautiful glass art.”

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