Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Festival launch on High Tea menu

A High Tea at The Bungalow restaurant in Drysdale on Monday 8 January celebrated the official launch of the 2018 Festival of Glass.

The event began with a welcoming glass of bubbly while around forty five guests looked at a preview of “Glass Inspirations”, an exhibition by local glass artists that runs at The Bungalow until March.

The Bungalow’s Kerry Bell welcomed everyone to the High Tea, then Festival of Glass co-ordinator Doug Carson talked about the Festival - now in its eighth year.

Glenda MacNaughton with future glass artists?
The guests were fascinated when local artist Glenda MacNaughton demonstrated how to stretch, mould and blow glass into beads and globes and talked about Mauro Vianello, a glass master from Murano in Italy, who will be the 2018 Festival’s Artist in Residence.

Pirate Chief Diane Schofield
‘Pirate chief’ Diane Schofield introduced the Festival’s Treasure Hunt, which has over a hundred glass art prizes, involves thirty two local businesses and ends on Sunday 18 February with a draw at the Festival of Glass Expo at Drysdale’s Christian College.
Featured Festival sponsor - Bendigo Bank 
The Bendigo Bank prides itself on being community-orientated and its investment in the Festival of Glass is a good example!

The Bendigo Bank is part of the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank's network of brands, providing a wide range of banking products and services to more than 1.4 million retail customers through its 400 plus branches and agencies. It works with communities to contribute to their prosperity, because it believes that successful communities make successful businesses.

The Bendigo Bank has supported the Festival from its beginning in 2011, and is now a major sponsor. The Festival Committee is grateful for the Bank’s support and is always happy to acknowledge the Bank’s contribution to the Festival’s success. The Bendigo Bank's investment and support has been crucial to the growth and diversification of the Festival itself and - importantly - of its roots in the local community. Without the Bank’s involvement, we’d have a very different Festival of Glass.

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