Thursday, January 31, 2013

SES coming to the Festival!

The local branch of the State Emergency Service (SES) will be present at the 2013 Festival of Glass.

But don't worry - there's no emergency! The local SES is aware of the Festival's growing popularity and has asked if they could attend this year and tell people about their work. The Festival committee is very pleased that the SES - a vital local community organisation - is interested in the Festival enough to take this initiative and so we invited them warmly to attend.

So if you've ever wondered what secrets are held in an SES emergency truck, Sunday 17 February at the Festival of Glass is the day to find out!

The Festival committee has accepted the SES's kind offer to look after the parking bays reserved at the venue for disabled drivers. So if you think you might sneak into one of the 'Disabled' parking bays when you shouldn't - the SES will be watching!

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