Sunday, February 11, 2018

Glass recycling in crisis

Two recent investigations by ABC journalists showed that the recycling industry in Australia is in crisis, with glass recycling being hit especially hard.
Currently in Australia, recycling companies collect, sort, and store waste. Much of it is then sold overseas for processing into reusable raw materials. However, on January 1 this year, China banned the importation of a range of recyclable rubbish, closing route for 600,000 tonnes of material exported by Australia each year. Australia's recycling industry is feeling the impact of that ban already, with recycled waste being stockpiled in warehouses.

China’s ban has hit Australia’s glass recycling industry especially hard, because the market for recycled glass is already undercut by cheap imported glass. Indeed, it is currently cheaper to import glass bottles than to recycle them. As a result, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of close to worthless used glass are being stockpiled and used as landfilled instead of being recycled.

Each year, Australia consumes about 1.36 million tonnes of glass, including bottles, jars and other containers.Industry leaders warn that they cannot keep collecting recycling if there's nowhere for it to go. In Victoria, recycling company Visy will stop collecting waste from 22 regional councils from February 9. However, many recycling companies are locked into contracts with local councils that last up to ten years.

NSW alone consumes about 460,000 tonnes of used glass per year and the NSW Environment Protection Agency (EPA) prohibits recycling companies from stockpiling large amounts of material. However, a confidential industry report provided to the NSW EPA in 2017 reported substantial stockpiling of used glass. The report also said that in many Australian states the market for used glass is depressed; and that in many rural areas, increasing freight costs mean that recycling glass is only marginally profitable.

Despite this crisis in glass recycling, cheap imports of ‘virgin’ materials are preferred to local reprocessed materials. For example, road base is constantly being made with newly mined sand, rather than with ‘sand’ using Australia's glut of recycled glass. Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) president Garth Lamb has said that Mr Lamb said, "A lot of the big state government road projects ... could suck up all the glass that's being stockpiled around Australia ...”

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