Thursday, January 13, 2011

Be creative around glass - without breaking anything!

The Festival of Glass will feature three competitions where you, too, can be creative around the wonderful world of glass without putting yourself in danger!

1. Best glass-related photograph or painting A painting about glass might seem an odd idea, but several paintings by surrealist painter René Magritte feature windows (see, e.g., and one of his paintings is called 'The Glass Key' (but, in surrealist fashion, it contains neither glass or key).

2. Best glass-related story, poem or song This may not be as hard as it seems. After all, the story of Cinderella focussed on a glass slipper. There's a newsblog called 'Glass; a journal of poetry' ( Who can forget John Lennon's song, 'Glass Onion', Blondie's 'Heart of Glass' or Bowie's 'Breaking Glass'?

3. Best glass jewellery Several makers of glass jewellery will be exhibiting their work at the Festival, so it would be tactless to suggest others' work as inspiration here! as the Festival's web site develop, it will feature examples of exhibitors' pieces; and already, the web site has links to our exhibitors' own web sites, where you can browse for inspiration.

In each competition, the winning entry will be the people's choice - the one receiving the most voters from visitors. So get your entry in early to ensure that everyone has a chance to vote or it!

Submitting your entry
On the day of the Festival (20 February 2011), please hand-in your entry at the Festival's Information desk. Please ensure that it is accompanied by your contact details, so that we can tell if you won! You can retrieve your entry immediately after the winners are announced.
Festival of Glass:

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