Thursday, January 13, 2011

Festival web site goes live!

The Festival of Glass web site has gone 'live'. To the sound of cheers and popping corks, DCSCA President Doug Carson pulled a large blue lever on the side of his computer, which then displayed the message, 'FoG web site live' and paid out $2.50 in plastic tokens.

But seriously ... the Festival's web site brings together in one place all the information that exhibitors and visitors need. This includes:
  • information about the Festival site - Drysdale's Potato Shed - and how to get there
  • an outline of the day's program (which is updated regularly)
  • a presentation on the Festival's sponsors
  • information about each exhibitor, photos of some of their work and a link to their web site
The web site address is as follows:

At this early stage. you'll need to type the address into your browser window, rather than into a search engine (e.g. Google). As traffic to the site starts to build, search engines will start to recognise it and it will be accessible through search engines.

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