Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The FoG bus!

Coming soon to a bus stop near you - the FoG bus!

As part of the promotional campaign for the 2015 Festival of Glass (FoG), a bus with an advert for the Festival covering its back end will be in service around Geelong. The bus won't be restricted to any particular route, so keep a look-out for it!

(This article was posted last week and disappeared from the blog, so the bus clearly moves very quickly!)

Building the campaign
The FoG bus is a new addition to the annual campaign to promote the Festival of Glass, which is in its fifth year in 2015. Media releases have been sent to local, regional and national media (of all types), to glass industry groups/associations and to relevant arts and crafts groups/associations. The Festival committee hopes that local and regional media will feature Festival events as they have done in previous years.

In another part of the campaign, entries for the 2015 Festival of Glass are starting to appear on local, regional and national tourism web sites, as well as on 'what's on'-type web sites. If you know anyone who's planning to visit Drysdale in early February, you might like to suggest that they include the Festival of Glass in their itinerary.

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