Thursday, January 15, 2015

Volunteers wanted!

As the 2015 Festival of Glass Expo draws closer, we'd like to hear from anyone who'd like to be part of the event.

The Expo will happen on Sunday 15 February between 10.00am and 4.00pm at Christian College, 40 Collins Street, Drysdale.

The good news is that most of the jobs involve very little activity! Essentially, they involve supervising a site/table. Some jobs involve providing visitors with information, which will be available at the site/table; and members of the Festival committee (identifiable via their jolly badges!) will be on hand to help throughout the day.


There is a range of jobs to be done, so volunteers can choose jobs and times that suit them. Volunteers for each job can say when and for how long they are available. Anyone who volunteers for more than one job will be especially welcome!

All jobs are from 10.00am onwards, except the Door Monitors and the Information Desk.
Door monitors (3) 7.00am to 9.30am
Each exhibitor has been asked to enter the building via a specific door, to avoid traffic jams! This job entails guiding exhibitors to their sites via the correct door.

Information desk 9.30am onwards.
Giving visitors general information about the Expo.

Raffle Table
Selling raffle tickets, keeping an eye on the box containing the ticket stubs and on the raffle prizes - glass collectibles.

Silent auction
People write bids for an item and place their bid in a box. This job involves accepting bids and keeping an eye on the box and on the items for auction - glass collectibles.

Glass Art Awards
The winners will be on display in an area roped-off to keep them secure. This job is to keep them secure.

Photography display
The winners of the 'Glass-related Photography' section of the Glass Art Awards will be on display in an area roped-off to keep them secure. This job is to keep them secure. 

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